The Wellstox Healer, which regenerates the inside of skin cells,

is a “skin restoration healer” that delivers Polynucleotide(PN), a biocomposite to the inside of the skin,

improving physiological conditions inside the damaged skin and brings out profound beauty.

  • Main Component   PN (Polynucleotide) 2%
  • Purpose of use   Wrinkles, elasticity, and skin tone improvement
  • Recommended area   Entire facial area
  • Relative viscosity   ○●●
  • Capacity/Packing Unit   2cc * 2syringes / box


The aging process of the skin?

A phenomenon in which the skin’s moisture, collagen, and elastic fibers decrease due to aging from the late 20’s,and the dermis and epidermal layers of the skin become thinner and lose elasticity.

If damaged and tired skin due to various reasons such as aging , frequent procedures , makeup , and ultraviolet does not improve no matter how hard you try.

The problem is the thin inner skin!
Rejuvenate the thinned inner skin!

You need a skin healing care to improve thin inner skin healthily!

What is PolyNucleotide, PN?

DNA fraction of a certain size extracted by DoT patented technology from wild-caught salmon returrning to the East Coast of Korea. Biocompatible subtance that is heat-stable and safe in the body. A colorness and transparent liquid in the form of GEL that maintains a certain viscosity. It maintains a constant form in the body and gradually decomposes. Effect of naturally improving facial wrinkles and skin.

Safety of PN

Wellstox applied DoT, a patented DNA processing teachnology, and was manufactured with specific standards and high purity under thorough process management.

Advantages of PN

Improve the skin environment, improve skin elasticity and skin tone.
Increase VEGF : Regenerate damaged skin environment by improving blood circulation in the skin.
Increased Fibroblast : Promotes intradermal protein secretion (collagen production).
ECM regeneration and tissue restoration : fundamentally healthy and elastic skin.
It is a high-purity product refined from high-quality raw materials with patented technology, and there is no immune reaction. Daily life possible with short downtime after surgery(injection marks disappear within 24 hours)

We recommend WELLSTOX to these people

Women after the age of 30 who age faster. Skin that got thinner and lost elasticity. Dry and dull skin.

Skin that has lost its balance, such as pores (unbalanced sebum secretion), redness, etc. Sensitive skin from a lot of laser exposure.

Customers who do not want fillers or toxins as a wrinkle improvement procedure. Customers who want to improve their skin naturally and not artificially.

What is PolyNucleotide, PN? Advantages of PN Wellstox applied

Non/clinical information on

Wellstox treatment area

Wellstox treatment method

  • Procedure protocol 2~4cc / times based on full face
    2~4 weeks interval, maintenance after a total of 3 treatments
    ( 6-month interval) Skin anesthesia (cream) -> treatment
    -> sedation management
  • Injection depth Superficial dermis, intradermal
  • Injection amount (per point) 0.02~0.05mL
  • Injection interval 0.5~2cm (one from the other)

Expert evaluation of improvement

  • In the expert improvement evaluation, 91% of the medical staff judged that the improvement was improved.
    (Reduction of fine wrinkles on the skin surface observation of skin improvement around the eyes, cheeks, and neck.)
  • Evaluation VAS satisfied by subject: 7.1 points (0-10 points subjective evaluation)

Whole face


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