Beauty Injection & Supply

MIN+Renew Cream

For whitening & Anti-wrinkle                    
- Skin Regeneration
- Skin Soothing
- Wound Care

Cosmetic Effects
- Protective Effect
- Anti-inflammatory Effect
- Repairing Effect
- Hydrating Effect
- Soothing Effect


- Who wants elasticity of skin
- Who wants to improve immunity
- Who wants anti-aging
- Who suffer from swollen
- Short duration within 30mins for injection
- No need recovery period
- The injection can have excellent effect with dietary therapy, exercise.
- This injection can be performed alongside other procedure.

High Inj.

Treatment of Deformative osteoarthritis of the knees and shoulder periarthritis


- Defornative osteoarthritis of the knees

- Periathritis of the Shoulder


Lipolysis Series

Face special fat dissolving
Powerful local lipolysis, double chin, cheeks, shape, perfect face V-Line, reduce wing of the nose. Add powerful painless formula, greatly reducing the suffering of the operator.